Maalaea Surf A.OA.O. House Rules

The primary purpose of these House Rules is to provide for a safe, peaceful and enjoyable living environment for all residents and guests.  Your understanding and compliance with these Rules are appreciated. The Maalaea Surf Association of Apartment Owners House Rules in its entirety can be found in the office of the Resident Manager.


  1. Quiet shall prevail between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 8:00 A.M. Excessive noise of any type shall be avoided at all times. The volume of radios, televisions, stereos or any other equipment shall be maintained at a level that is not audible outside of the apartment.
  2. No person shall make or permit any disturbing noises or permit anything that interferes with the rights, comforts or convenience of other occupants regardless of the hours of the day. Disturbing noises and the description thereof may be changed from time to time as determined by the Board.
  3. There shall be no feeding birds or encouraging of stray animals to come to the premises.Food also attracts rodents, bugs and pests.
  4. No pets are allowed on Maalaea Surf property except for those that are “grandfathered”.
  5. Valuables should not be left out in obvious places.
  6. All window and doors should be locked whenever leaving the apartment and at night for your safety.
  7. The maximum occupancy in all two-bedroom apartments shall be six persons and in one-bedroom apartments four persons. Reasonable exemptions to this rule for children under the age of 18 are available with Board approval.

Common Areas

  1. Any sports or activities that may cause damage to the common areas or create a nuisance are prohibited. The use of roller skates, in-line skates and skateboards are prohibited.
  2. Sidewalks, stairways, entryways and lanais shall not be used in any manner that will limit ingress or egress from any apartment or detract from the neat appearance or décor of the project as a whole.
  3. Any Owners or Registered Guests wishing to have any gathering (organized group activity) that would be held on any common area of the property and would have in attendance a total of TEN or MORE Owners, Registered Guests and Unregistered Guests MUST apply to the Resident Manager for approval to host such an event at least 10 days in advance of the event.
  4. Any Owners or Registered Guests wishing to have ANY gathering, regardless of the number of participants, and wishes to have any form of entertainment that could be disruptive to neighboring apartments MUST apply to the Resident Manager for approval.
  5. No baseball, softball, football, frisbee or other games involving the throwing of objects will be allowed.
  6. No picking or cutting of plants or flowers is allowed.
  7. Pool and lawn furniture may not be taken onto the beach.
  8. Trash containers are located on property at South end of parking lot. All trash must be securely wrapped or bagged before being placed in containers.  Trash container lids should be kept closed at all times when not in use.
  9. Residents and guests shall not climb on trees, fences and walls, or walk through any planted areas.


  1. Please observe entrance and exit signs to avoid accidents

Lanai Areas

  1. Guests and Owners may use the barbecues located at the North and South ends of the property from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
  2. No garments, swimsuits, rugs, towels or other objects shall be hung from windows or lanai railings. Garments or rugs shall not be shaken from lanai areas.

 Pool Rules

  1. Pool Hours are from 8:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.. NO LIFEGUARD IS ON DUTY. Use the pools at your own risk.
  2. Glass or breakable items are prohibited in the pool area. Smoking or the consumption of food is not permitted inside the fenced pool areas.  Beverages may be consumed in the pool area only if they are in unbreakable containers.
  3. A competent swimmer must accompany children or any other persons who are not competent swimmers.
  4. Surfboards, boogie boards, scuba equipment or the like will not be permitted in the pools.However, life jackets, swimmies, goggles, masks, and snorkel swim fins and any other appropriate pool toys are acceptable at the discretion of the Resident Manager.
  5. The pools are for the enjoyment of Owners and Guests of all ages. Any activity that is disruptive to others enjoying the pools or disruptive to Owners or Guests whose accommodation is near the pools is not permitted.  The throwing of objects in the pools and surrounding areas that may be hazardous to the safety of others is strictly prohibited.
  6. Please read and comply with the pool use instructions posted at both pools.
  7. Radios or electronic devices are permitted in the pool areas only if earphones are used.

Tennis Courts and Fenced in Areas

  1. Tennis shoes and proper tennis attire are required.
  2. No food is permitted.
  3. No glass containers or breakable material is allowed.
  4. Please follow posted rules.


The Board has delegated the full authority and responsibility for enforcing these rules to the Resident Manager.